Vitax Copper Mixture 175g
Copper Mixture Protects crops from trace element deficiencies
For use on fruit and edible crops Protects plants from copper, manganese and zinc deficiency
Simply mix with water for use as a leaf spray Vitax Copper Mixture is a blend of three vital trace elements for use on crops suffering from trace element deficiencies.
Copper deficiency can occur in beets, onions and top fruit on peaty, sandy and shallow organic chalk soils.
Manganese deficiency occurs in many crops including potatoes, beans and peas, beets, brassicas, carrots, celery, fruits and onions in peaty soils with pH above 6.0 and mineral soils above pH 6.5.
Zinc deficiency can also occur in fruit grown on sandy soils with high pH and phosphate levels.
Copper Mixture can be applied as a leaf spray. For best results apply during early morning or evening.
Do not apply in extremes of temperature, very bright sunlight or in drought conditions.

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